Birmingham Crown Court

The racing pair made 'the same kind of noise as Formula One'.
Two drivers who weaved and raced each other at speeds of up to 130mph left a mother-of-two with brain damage after crashing
A man has admitted to the double murder of a woman and her baby son at their home in the West Midlands. Wesley Williams, 28
A callous mother and stepfather who battered to death a four-year-old boy after subjecting him to six months of systematic
A mother is facing a life sentence for murdering her two-year-old son after professionals failed to take action to save him
A two-year-old boy was found beaten to death at the home of his mother's boyfriend after suffering months of ill-treatment
Two men have been handed lengthy jail sentences after being found guilty of taking part in a pre-planned gun attack on police
A 50-year-old man who changed his name to Michael Jackson has been told that he may never be released from jail after being
HMRC has released a rogues' gallery of Britain's 20 most-wanted 'tax dodgers', who are accused of fleeing the UK while owing
The father of one of three men killed during last summer's riots today said lawyers had been instructed to review a criminal
A group of men who gathered in the street to protect businesses from looters during last summer's riots were in "hyper mode
A pregnant 21-year-old died after being smothered and assaulted by family members who later claimed she may have been killed
A bereaved father, who publicly appealed for calm after his son was killed in last summer's riots, has avoided jail after
A man and a woman have appeared before a crown court judge charged with murdering a toddler. Rebecca Shuttleworth, 23, and
Christine Hemming, the wife of MP John Hemming, has been found guilty of stealing a kitten from her husband's lover's home