Black Friday Deals

Credit cards a-swiping, bank accounts-a-draining, and raaaaands blown on bliiing…
Gone are the days when Christmas used to start on December 1st, now we are lucky if we make it to the beginning of November
Everyone loves sales. Whether it's the latest Xbox game, kitchen appliance or electronic gadget, people are always looking for bargains, especially during the run up to Christmas. But there's a stark difference between lining up for Boxing Day sales and the animalistic behaviour witnessed last week during the "Black Friday" sales...
6.) On this day, spare a thought and tip your hat for those poor, brave souls working in retail 8.) At least the media was
If you're about to embark upon your Christmas shopping then now is the time because Black Friday is here! In two days some of the biggest names on the high street will be cutting prices and offering brilliant deals on ideal Christmas gifts.
Black Friday is traditionally an American sale, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday, but retailers have begun to capitalise
Shoppers described scenes of "carnage" as people scrambled for the best deals. One person who bagged a coffee machine at
Amazon have kicked off the Black Friday frenzy early, turning the one-day event into a week long bargain bonanza. The day
If your computer screen is filled with "Black Friday this" and "Cyber Monday that" but you don't have half a clue what's
Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in America's retail calendar, is set to hit on Friday November 28 as bosses plan bargains