This is a cheat's version of crème brûlée, made with Greek yoghurt rather than a rich eggy custard. It's a no-bake, quick-to-make recipe, which means you can use the spare time to knock up the hazelnut twists (also very speedy) and have a classy-looking dessert on the table in next to no time.
Traditionally they're oval-shaped but as few of us have special friand tins, small bun tins work perfectly well. The cakes are very quick and easy to make and although they're best eaten on the day they're made, they freeze well.
I harvest wild edibles for my own breakfast, lunch and supper table. A little here, a little there, and never more than a sixth of what's on offer. I ensure that plenty is left for the birds and bees. Common sense dictates that picking every summer elderflower in sight, doesn't bode well for elderberries in the autumn.
Heat the brambles, angelica, leaves and lemon juice over a low heat until the brambles collapse. Leave to cool. Remove the angelica leaves and blend in a food processor Push the blackberry and angelica purée through a plastic sieve and drain into a jug.
The next time you think you are too busy to forage, walk by that straggly bramble bush by the roadside, pluck a berry, bring it home and give it a wash. You would be surprised.
I think brambles must be one of the most extensively foraged berries in the UK. Even those who aren't serious wild food hunters and gathers seem to go brambling.