Blade Nzimande

Nzimande said much of what is contained in the book, the SACP had long been preaching. 
"Some of my own comrades were actively fuelling student protests as part of [a] factionalist reaction to the communist party."
The president has again used the power of the presidency to flip the bird to all those who believe that he will act in the interest of anyone but himself.
Once bosom buddies, the two no longer see eye-to-eye because of a number of fallouts that have happened over the last three years.
Blade Nzimande says he is not surprised that Zuma fired him.
Zuma's faction is merely using students struggles as a pawn in fighting their party politricks.
Tensions between the alliance partner are at an all time high thanks to Blade Nzimande's removal as higher education minister.
The latest Cabinet reshuffle momentarily delayed and confused the court as former home affairs director-general Mkuseli Apleni, who is challenging his suspension, now has a new boss.
Students want to know what government's policy is regarding fee increases for 2018.
"Zuma should have reshuffled himself, it would have been nicer," says Julius Malema