Blade Nzimande

Over the years, Blade Nzimande has changed his views about supporting President Jacob Zuma.
The police minister says the ANC stalwarts critical of Zuma are "filthy and stinking rich".
"Let's tell the truth to ourselves, even if the truth coincides with what the enemy is saying."
The ANC's secretary-general says the country cannot be preserved at the expense of the governing party.
"Some say this is because black South Africans start work straight after their first degree to help their families; others say ... gatekeeping is the problem."
President Jacob Zuma was chased away from Cosatu's Workers' Day celebrations. The alliance that carried him to victory at Polokwane has been smashed.
The May Day rally was all set, but incessant singing by anti-Zuma workers led to his speech being cancelled.
President Jacob Zuma dropped a bombshell by ordering Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan back to South Africa. The repercussions are serious.
"The casualties will be the poor and working class students."