One thing we know for sure: to still maintain, as Mr Blair has done since, that the decision to invade was the right decision, shows his faith and judgement - much like our political class overall, post the EU referendum - are in a worse state now than they were 13 years ago.
To stop a repeat of 2015, Labour must make itself a viable option by electing a leader which people could conceivably see at No. 10. Miliband did not fill this criteria. Hopefully the next leader will, and this will go part way to ensuring England and Wales sway back to the left so Scottish Labour are not forced to split on the grounds that their political attitudes contrast too much with their rUK colleagues.
Campbell has also tried to help Miliband by savaging David Cameron's "morally cowardly and democratically wrong" position
Does anyone seriously think David Miliband would have been as bold and creative in his direction of travel for the party? Come off it. Triangulation and the old arts of the Blairite dinosaurs are no longer relevant for shaping a Labour government of the future. Times have changed.
Tony Blair has banked over £13 million to mark his most financially successful year since stepping down as prime minister
As maverick Conservative MP Douglas Carswell highlights in his book, The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy, the growing influence of social networking sites could had back power to the people in a way not seen since the early days of universal suffrage.
The cost paid by the West for not getting involved in the conflict in Syria could be higher than that of intervening in the
An anonymous source has finally stepped forward and offered an unmarked grave in Virginia so that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body could be put to rest. But the entire episode is a powerful reminder of the importance of ritual and gestures, even in an era where we'd like to think that cold facts, data, and rationality always carry the day.
George Bush was "the worst thing ever to happen to Tony Blair", former foreign secretary David Miliband said. Mr Miliband
Tony Blair has been awarded by business leaders in Poland to thank him for supporting the country's bid to join the EU, and
Is Blair ready to 'do a Clinton' and make an 'elder statesman' return to domestic politics? Of course, Clinton didn't fight a hugely unpopular war which, rightly or wrongly, has affected Blair's reputation. Equally, two of Clinton's biggest successes could be regarded as two of Blair's biggest failures. Clinton balanced the budget, whereas New Labour eventually lost their fiscal prudence.
I'm disappointed in Desmond. The man we were all so fond of that his very name made academic mediocrity (a 2:2 degree) almost cool.
Former prime minister Tony Blair has been criticised for failing to cooperate with a report into the Freedom of Information
Recent remarks by the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, leave us wondering if the Secret Intelligence Service is preparing to 'fix' intelligence on Iran, as his immediate predecessor, Sir John Scarlett, did on Iraq.
Silvio Berlusconi: the politician, property and media tycoon who allegedly brought 'bunga bunga' to Britain's shores, has
It simply beggars belief that there are some in the British media who still take the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, even vaguely seriously.
The idea, frankly, that Tony Blair can continue to act as the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East, is increasingly untenable. Given his links with the Gadaffi regime and his personal friendships with some members of the murderous Gadaffi family, he should stand down, and stand down now.
Appeasing the playground bully is never the answer. If there are no consequences for breaking international law and conventions, then the likes of Bashir are emboldened to carry on killing.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Iraq Inquiry is poised to deliver damning criticism of Tony Blair's handling of the war, it has