Blind Date

Despite our calls for Jane McDonald to be named as the new host of ‘Blind Date’, Channel 5 has decided to go with another
Representation alone might not create a world where all LGBT relationships are accepted as equal, but it's a start. And broadcasters should take not just responsibility, but in fact pride, in helping create positive change for our community.
Some things in life are just meant to be together: Ant & Dec, chips and gravy... and Jane McDonald and ‘Blind Date’. With
The upcoming ‘Blind Date’ revival will feature LGBT+ contestants, it has been revealed. Channel 5 is currently in the process
Holly Willoughby has ruled herself out of replacing Cilla Black as the new host of ‘Blind Date’. The ‘This Morning’ presenter
Christopher Biggins has slammed the decision to bring back ‘Blind Date’.  The star, who was a close friend of the show’s
The original dating show ‘Blind Date’ is to return for a brand new series, more than a decade after it left our screens, it
Cilla on 'Blind Date' in 2002 The mum-of-three previously had the backing of Cilla to present a revamped version of ‘Blind
As we prepare to bid fond farewell to Cilla Black on Thursday, it comes as a surprise to discover that 'Blind Date', the
Cilla Black had to rely on her friend to hide her valuable jewellery on big nights out in "quite dicey nightclubs". Longtime
Here at RLSB (whilst we aren't running a dating service our pilot event was just the start of things to come) we want blind young Londoners to go out and live their life - and part of this is having the self-confidence to find someone to share it with.
The night rounded off with what could only be the most embarrassing and funny thing in the whole of TGI's... receiving our burger face pictures. Earlier on a guy came around snapping pictures of us making our 'burger faces' before we tucked into the delicious food. You can see my stunning burger face below...
Cilla Black is set to host a one-off special episode of her hit television show 'Blind Date'. It has been confirmed the 70
Never mind the current fad for having your name on the side of a can of Coke (how unfortunate for Tulisa though, eh?), Denise
It seems obvious that we would take interest in TV programmes that show people in the midst of finding someone special (or not as is often the case). Dating programmes have been around for some time, but a recent boom has led to us wondering; are we a nation addicted to love?