The carcasses of more than 3,000 farm animals which died when a blizzard engulfed Northern Ireland have so far been collected
A man has told how he was forced to burn old furniture to keep his family warm after they became trapped by snow at an isolated
A man found dead in deep snow after he started walking home in severe weather was named by police today. The body of Gary
A man has been found dead in deep snow after walking home last night in severe weather, police said. The body of the 27-year
Heavy snow and prolonged winter weather could be what tips the UK into a triple dip recession, economists have warned. Dr
Why do we get so excited about the snow? Snow is all we talk about when it arrives and the thrill and anticipation of 'snow days' is not just for the kids. Are our lives so boring that snow brings with it such a much needed change of pace? Well, frankly, yes!
Residents of Hagg Hill Farm, near Winlaton, Gateshead, take advantage of the snow to show their artistic side Icy conditions
Fresh snow will hit parts of the UK overnight on Tuesday, bringing further risk of traffic disruption, forecasters warned
UK weather is set to worsen with the Met Office forecasting a wintry weekend for much of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland