Blue Cross

I can't decide if Timehop and Facebook memories are helpful and motivating or really difficult at the moment. I've been faced
When Cleo didn't come home one evening, her owner was worried sick. Several hours later, the young cat returned and it was
We need penalties for those owners who allow their dogs to attack and kill other dogs, cats, and other animals. We need better controls on dog breeding, advertising and sales. Only when we insist on better behaviour from the person on the other end of the lead will we be able to address the dangerous owner problem.
Season's greetings hope you're all enjoying some well-earned time off with your pets and thinking up some New Year's Resolutions - and if I may suggest one - adopt a rescue pet! Sure, puppies and kittens (which incidentally can also be found in rescue) maybe more cute, but older animals need loving homes too...
It's no surprise that children love the idea of keeping a rabbit as a pet - they are exceptionally cute and fluffy, and particularly at this time of year. But before you decide to take a trip to the pet shop, please stop and think for a moment whether you are ready to take on the responsibility of looking after quite a complex little creature.
The inequality of dogs in China might shock the British public but let's not forget that in our own country pedigree pooches sell for megabucks while thousands of dogs are put to sleep because no one wants them.
So remember, a black cat is for life, not just for Halloween. Forget the occult tosh; these mogs just want to be loved and looked after, and occasionally puke on your soft furnishings. Meow it loud, they're black and they're proud - and you should give one a home.
Tough measures are needed now to halt the surge of unwanted pets being discarded and thrown out like rubbish.
Owners of dangerously out of control dogs which harm others in a public place will face up to 18 months in prison under new