Let's not beat around the bush, it has been a disastrous foray into the Premier League for Cardiff City. A season beset with controversy and off-field problems is finally coming to a close and the end can't come soon enough for some long-suffering supporters.
The bastardised, rebranded version of Cardiff City were relegated last weekend and there were no crocodile tears from me.
There are a rapidly diminishing band of Cardiff City fans still supportive of the seemingly hapless and gaff prone Vincent Tan. Periodically, in the face of detailed critiques of Mr Tan's stewardship of the South Wales club's affairs, we still hear calls for objectivity from this small group of 'believers.' The billionaire knows best etc etc. But do they have a point?
Cardiff City have made a decent start to their first season in the Premier League. A disappointing opening day defeat at West ham was followed by that barnstorming win over the mighty Manchester City and creditable draws against Everton and Hull, before Tottenham hit them with a sucker punch to take all three points last weekend...
Almost inevitably, the rebrand has caused serious divisions within the fanbase. Long standing friendships have creaked and in some cases fractured altogether. Those who have actively embraced the changes appear to view those against the rebranding as dinosaurs and anti progress. Fans strongly opposed to the rebrand have made it clear that they view those who endorse the changes as complicit in the destruction of the club's traditional identity.