In this instance, a DWP official appears to have mistakenly believed that sticking blocks of colour over sensitive sections of the document would serve to keep them confidential. Unfortunately, as is well known in the IT world, this is not an effective way of redacting material.
Why hire a truck when you can just shove huge planks of wood through your car's backseat windows, eh? A bemused driver spotted
It's a phrase we never thought we'd type, but here we are, typing it: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accidentally been
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The aim of the game when it comes to dodgeball is to, you know, dodge the ball. Sure, you can catch it as well - if you're
Watching fail compilations is a tricky business. Not as tricky as somersaulting off a pier, sure, but tricky nonetheless
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In Britain, we call them gaffes. In America, they call them bloopers. As for the internet... well, the internet calls them
Next time you're down at Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan, be sure to double check the dock there before you walk on it
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