Sisters Uncut are saying enough is enough. We demand a secure, long term plan to support all domestic violence survivors, regardless of immigration status, with specialist services for black and brown, disabled and LGBT+ survivors.
As an Oxford graduate educated in a comprehensive school, I am dismayed at the idea of abandoning the selection criteria at Oxford and Cambridge universities. Academic standards would deteriorate and academically minded students would be denied the chance to aspire.
Making the right connections can not only serve you well for career development, but can be vital alliances during challenging times, for the provision of advice, information and support.
This series of articles will appear weekly and present my recommended Seven Survival Steps for black and ethnic minority staff working in the NHS, but may be a useful read to anyone with an interest in the NHS. The articles are excerpts from a forthcoming handbook, and provide highlights.
Students are demanding more should be done to increase the number of offers given to prospective BME students at university
I'm pleased that black and Asian voters want to back the Conservatives. I did when I was young and I don't regret it. When I joined I knew that the Conservative Party didn't care whether I was 1st, 3rd or 300th generation British.
Nick Clegg should have appointed a Lib Dem woman to the cabinet in the recent government reshuffle, the party's president
Lets face it we all know someone who deserves the Queens honours, doing great work, and making a difference, nominate them now, especially if they are from one of the under represented groups.
The coalition government knows that their benefit cap which comes into force this week, is going to crush ethnic minority families and force them out of the cities and into ghettos.
Sir Peter Fahy's rationale behind his proposed idea is the need for a more diverse Police Force to reflect makeup of an increasingly diverse British society. Fahy's proposal would undoubtedly allow the police to understand and therefore engage with BME communities in a better way.