Jed Mildon has become the first person to successfully execute a quadruple backflip on a BMX. The incredible feat was achieved
Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin is a big name in BMX, and from this video you'll see why. His latest big stunt was a stunning bike
Unicycling is widely regarded as being as hard as it looks. With that in mind now imagine unicycling down the side of a mountain
In which BMX-er Max Eyre attempts what we believe is called 'a feeble hard 180'... and things go rather (hilariously) wrong
In sport, talent is incredibly important, but it isn't the be-all and end-all. Through more than 20 years' involvement in elite athletics I've learned that talent never guarantees success. Dedication is important, but it's also crucial that every athlete has the best possible support network every step of the way...
The thing posh people really, truly like, is pretending not to be posh.
It was the moment my hot and sweaty skateboarding obsessed teenage son smiled and 'dropped in' on his new BMX bike that I realised that there is really nothing like being on a bike, not matter what shape or size.
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As soon as he started to enjoy skateboarding and scootering, I felt nervous. He was watching videos on youtube for hours and then would go out and try to copy the tricks he had seen on the screen.