boat race

I will say straight off the bat, barring a sinking or crash; Oxford University Men's first team will win the 2017 Boat Race. I didn't go to either university, so I have no bias here.
The BBC's use of a comedian as one of the TV presenters for the 2016 Oxford and Cambridge boat races has gone down spectacularly
Cambridge won the men's boat race on Sunday, beating rivals Oxford as both teams battled difficult conditions. Dressed in
Apr 2015 saw the Boat Race finally have the men's and women's races on an equal footing. Heralded as a progression for women's sport, that just leaves the heptathlon/decathlon issue to sort, right..?
Oxford dominated a historic Boat Race which saw both the women's and men's team race the same stretch of the river on the
It was a long road to equality even once Oxbridge allowed women to race - descriptions of women rowing as "unnatural", being asked to pose in towels and financial difficulties were just a few of the hurdles. So how did we finally get to this point?
Of course being a mother is a fantastic achievement, and carrying and raising nine children is no mean feat. But, at this moment, the fact that she is a mother-of-nine is almost completely irrelevant, while her contribution to women's rowing, her position as a CEO of an investment company and all round kick-ass woman is what BBC Sport should really be being championed.
Oxford University women's rowing crew had to be rescued by the RNLI after their boat sank on Thames, just a week before the