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It seems like there is a new banking scandal everyday now. Every time I think we have heard it all, a new scandal pops up.
Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker today requested to appear before MPs "as soon as possible" to clear up his role
From posing with her dad at Jay-Z gigs to apparently suggesting Britain's leading politicians should "hold my d**k", Bob
As one of the world's richest and most successful bankers, former Barclays boss Bob Diamond has never strayed too far from
Barclays boss Bob Diamond is facing mounting calls to quit as he said all those responsible for the rate-rigging scandal
Banking giant Barclays is to pay penalties of £290 million to settle claims that it manipulated the interbank lending rate
The row over bankers' bonuses is set to reignite with Barclays expected to hand an estimated £1.5bn to traders, including