Bobby Jindal

For many years now we have been watching aghast at the US gun laws. Granted we here in the UK only tend to hear the more
Jindal called the shooting "an awful night for Louisiana." "What we can do now is we can pray," he said. "We can hug these
London mayor Boris Johnson has mocked Bobby Jindal for talking "complete nonsense", after the Republican governor of Louisiana
London has become the elephant’s graveyard. It’s the place where Republicans go to die. In less than a month, three of the
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo says she plans to sue Fox News Last week Farage appeared on Fox News with anchor Sean Hannity in
US Republican governor Bobby Jindal tried to provide some snarky commentary on President Obama's 2015 State Of The Union
Fox News may have issued a series of groveling apologies after suggesting England and France had “no go zones” where only
The dust has barely settled on the US 2012 Elections yet already speculation as to who will head the 2016 Republican charge
Following on from looking at who will be running for the Democrats in four years time, these are some of the likely Republican contenders in the event of a Romney loss.