body acceptance

Last week, the world exploded with the news that Barbie is now available in a body diverse range. The world's most famous doll is now also available in versions that are curvier, tall, petite and of different skin tones - supposedly more realistic reflections of 'real women.'
All too often women look in the mirror and think they're not good enough - previous research from Dove has shown only 4% of
What's a sure fire way to piss off half of Twitter? Write an article stating big bums are en trend... Last week Vogue published
Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we're not fans of the phrase bikini body - it implies that all women have to conform to one
Body shaming happens to those of all shapes and sizes and the latest person to come under criticism for their physique is
Dove's Real Beauty campaign is all about championing natural beauty and body acceptance - but how 'real' are the women who
Stretch marks are a sign of strength and motherhood, so it boggles the mind as to why any person would want to shame a woman
You'd be forgiven for assuming that after the bikini bridge and thigh gap backlash, retailers must have realised the general
Meet Britain's biggest burlesque dancer - who has become Britain's top erotic stage performer at 14 stone, size 16. Charlene
First we fell in love with Beyoncé's feminist hit Pretty Hurts, now there's another singer speaking out against the unattainable
If you step out in a new dress and a friend says 'wow you look amazing' with genuine enthusiasm, you're bound to leave the
Ever wandered around Boots, filling your basket with more make-up, body buffers and miracle creams than you can carry, in
Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we've banned the phrase bikini body - not only does the gender-specific term suggest that we
Forget the alkaline, Mediterranean, Cambridge and 5:2 diet because it's time to celebrate International No Diet Day. *Does
In the last year, there has been a growing hubbub around the acceptable standards of how body image is discussed and presented
Here lies an interesting, and often completely overlooked, debate. It is undeniably important to promote self-acceptance, bodily or otherwise, especially in young children (I initially learned my gender 'norms' from Disney. Problematic.)