body dysmorphia

“I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” Fox told Sports Illustrated.
Even the experts need coping tools when it comes to intrusive, body-focused thoughts. Here are some of their best tips.
Worrying about a specific area of your body is a key symptom.
Nothing incites my body dysmorphia more than seeing my own image on screen.
Exhibition explores condition that affects 2 per cent of population.
Eating disorders are complex, multi-faceted conditions involving biological, psychological and sociocultural factors: gender provides us with an analytic lens through which these different components can be understood.
The potential for psychological fall-out after experiencing sudden alterations in physical appearance are well documented in the cases of burns victims, amputees, and even people undergoing drastic weight loss surgery. The reactions of people with eating disorders are rarely legitimised in the same way because their self-image was apparently already broken prior to this new alteration.
 With the decline of the 'dad bod' and a recent increase in male grooming - more guys than ever are taking care of their appearance and trying to achieve the 'perfect' body. "Manscaping" is becoming a part of the daily routine; men are turning to waxing studios, threading their eyebrows, slapping on the fake tan and hitting the gym hard.
From the age of 10 I was obsessed with models and fashion I loved the creativity and the glamour. I would look at these images and wish I to could look like those models in the magazines, being young and naive I was unaware about the hard work that is put into creating an image and that what I was really looking at were images of fantasy.