Body Image

I find it interesting how keen we are to vilify 'freaks', and define them by their eccentricities. Yet often when the outcome is something as serious as a suicide, or a breakdown, then we quickly do a U-turn. We deem the case 'tragic' and retrospectively show pity.
Yes, it is terrible that children are developing concerns about body image at younger and younger ages, but it's only because their parents are so riven by these concerns too. You can't ringfence children off from this while these pressures run rampant through the rest of society. If you are to stop children being affected, you must do something for adults too.
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The word "just" bridges a multitude of gaps. As in "just lose weight!", "just be confident in yourself!" and "just stop taking heroin!". It has that handy ability to make something difficult sound as if it should be easy, with the bonus implication that anyone who doesn't find it easy should be a bit ashamed of themselves.
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As a society, we need to open up a conversation about our bodies. We need to ensure that body image and media literacy education remain high up on the political agenda by encouraging initiatives like those organised by Body Gossip.
Scientists have worked out that elusive secret to staying in shape and it involves being kind to yourself, rather than criticising