body issues

There is always that one pair of pants, that will always fit and that one dress that never really fitted but after a good flu or vomiting bug will look incredible on you for the 1 day you can sustain that weight before you must eat or drink water.
They say don,t sweat the small stuff, but for millions of women sweating causes absolute misery. A shock new study revealed that 63 per cent of girls claim sweating is the most embarrassing body issue, vastly outweighing any other body hang up.
Fattist folk are just unhappy people. That's the truth of it. Happy people don't have prejudices because they don't spend their time fixated on the people that surround them. They just live their own happy lives. All prejudice comes from a deeply unhappy place inside ourselves.
Pro-anorexia sites are selling merchandise ranging from weave bracelets in order to "meet" other sufferers and appetite suppressants
I used to be fat. Over 6 stone heavier, in fact. This was mostly due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but then nobody cares WHY you're fat; they just see the large person stood in front of them and make their assumptions and judgements.
This morning I'm greeted with large swollen lumps on my cheek, pustules dotted across my jawline, and a painful third eye bulging out from my uni-brow - after surveying today's canvas I slumped back into the pillow. I'm nearing the end of my twenties, this was meant to end a decade ago!
As a model I have been working to demonstrate what diversity could bring for the fashion industry and how it can inspire women to embrace their own bodies and also feel stylish.