body positive

A fat woman is judged by society, by her doctor, by the clothes she tries on in changing rooms. It’s time that changed.
Tough times are inevitable. Millennials forcefully challenge their own inner demons and whatever life decides to throw into the mix. In the present day, personal goals have radiated more and more towards the focus on aesthetics.
It was a magnificent experience, being able to connect with plethora of body positive advocates from the UK and America at
Empowering and powerful, this campaign tries to beauty standards
As a nutritionist I feel pressure to look a certain way, and because I don't look like Deliciously Ella or the Helmsley Sisters, I rarely show pictures of my body on my website or Instagram (just the odd head shot).
'Never let anyone else's pics make you feel insecure about yourself.'
Iskra Lawrence has given us all a lesson in loving yourself. The UK-born Instagram star, who is a size 14, revealed how easy
I wonder just how much pressure kids feel to conform with the body image stuff because it seems to span across all subcultures, Suddenly I'm seeing indie bands take their shirts off at gigs and be completely ripped and Goth kids moon bathing with shirts off and pecs that can dance to the Adams Family Theme.
Heading near a gym at the start of a new year could actually be putting your health in danger. January gym bunnies are so keen on getting inside they will mow you down in their cars or flatten you with their brand new fancy gym bags.