bomb hoax

A teenager who caused chaos by faking a bomb scare to get his brother off his Burger King shift early (we're not kidding
An impatient passenger has been detained for five days after telling staff at Beijing International Airport he had a bomb
A student from Harvard University pretended bombs had been placed around campus in order to get out of taking his exams, US
To have your car explode when it breaks down is very rare. To have your broken down car blown up by anti-terrorist police
A40-year-old man was remanded in custody today when he appeared in court charged with making a hoax bomb threat at Stansted
A hoaxer who emailed a bomb threat to the "contact us" section of MI5's website was warned on Wednesday to expect a substantial
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A police investigation has been launched after a fake explosive device was discovered in a historic
Australian police have confirmed that Thursday's bomb hoax in Sydney is being treated as an attempt at extortion.