The coalition has received a boost from the news that average pay rises have outstripped inflation for the first time in
Next chief executive Simon Wolfson is going to share his £4 million cash bonus this year with his 20,000 employees at the
In a recent interview in the Observer, Vince Cable admitted that he '[doesn't] understand why people need a million quid a year'. He isn't the first to question the growing divide between rich and poor, but he is one of the most high-profile politicians to do so in recent times...
Here are the five things you need to know on Thursday 6 March 2014... 1) VINCE VS THE HOME OFFICE The Guardian reports on
Not a week goes by without yet another story which describes how executive managers have abused their compensation, most notably income generated via target-dependent bonuses. Ranging from investment bankers to insurance brokers, the public opinion has generally converged on the fact that the remuneration of top employees requires redesign.
The five things you need to know on Friday 19 July 2013... 1) CAMERON 'CAREFUL' ON CROSBY QUESTIONS Twelve times David Cameron
This weekend I got up in the middle of night and plastered my own branch of Nationwide with posters bearing the simple message "£3m for CEO? Vote NO @AGM". Then I started a petition against them via 38degrees. This is why.
The Banking Commission also recognized that excluding women from positions of power is harmful to the economy. But this isn't breaking news. In the wake of Enron, The Higgs report found that the old boys club was detrimental to the health of UK plc. Had anyone listened to the warnings then, the global financial crisis could have been averted.
The real problem with any shareholder uprising against the undeserved meteoric rise in boardroom pay is that most shareholders couldn't care less what the people at the top pay themselves. Big institutional investors don't want to drive down executive rewards because they are also executives who want to get rewarded.
David Cameron has a Europe problem. While the UK Independence Party's popularity is currently surging, as evidenced by the 27% of the vote they received in last week's by-election to the UK parliament, he's feeling the pressure to lurch ever more the right and position the British Conservative Party as the Euro-sceptic 'voice of reason'.