Brussels is wrong to cap bankers' bonuses, just as it was wrong to propose a financial transactions tax a few months ago. Its thinking, however, is along the right lines; having failed to manage their businesses responsibly, bankers need to be kept on a tight leash.
George Osborne has been thwarted in his efforts to avert a controversial cap on bankers' bonuses. The Chancellor headed to
Stephen Hester, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has defended his forthcoming bonus by saying he should
Thousands of staff across the Royal Bank of Scotland will lose their bonuses this year as the bank claws back money to pay
The bosses of top UK companies are facing significant bonus cuts but are still expected to receive windfalls worth 60% of
The pay of company executives has increased by an average of 12% in the last financial year, more than four times that of
We learned today that there is a £500m Olympics 'underspend'. And it got me thinking.
Bank bonuses are set to fall to levels last seen 15 years ago as City rewards start "coming back into the real world", it
Chris Bones takes us through the top ten ailments of modern business. His book 'The Cult of the Leader: A Manifesto for More
Three out of four people think bosses at bailed-out banks should not get a bonus, according to research. And 58% of respondents