Stephen Hester, boss of taxpayer-funded RBS, has been awarded a bonus worth £963,000, around 60% of his entitlement, following
The chief of the taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland will receive a bonus worth almost £1m, despite a cap imposed by the
Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced around 3,500 job losses over the next three years in a bid to
Bankers' bonuses were not to blame for the global financial crisis, a university study has claimed. The research counters
Most people believe pay and bonuses for top executives are "out of control", according to a new study to coincide with a
Can you recall a single thing about John Major other than he ate peas and tucked his shirts into his underwear? Well, remember this: you gave £1.7 million to just three ex-PM's in the past five years, people who are not known to be in dire need of a state handout, and he was one of them.
Low paid local government workers are struggling to make ends meet right now - frozen pay, Government cuts and rising inflation have seen to that. This is why it is a kick in the teeth for them to hear that the pay of directors in the UK's top businesses have risen by 50% in the last year alone.
Business Secretary Vince Cable has pledged to crackdown on Britain's culture of excessive pay for senior executives. The
PRESS ASSOCIATION - James Murdoch, the boss of News Corporation's UK arm, has refused to accept a six million US dollars
Britain's highest-paid quango bosses are almost doubling their salaries with six-figure bonuses, special allowances and pension