Book covers

Well, here's a nice discovery just in time for World Book Day. It's Corpus Libris (Books With Bodies) - the Tumblr of a woman
The real issue is that publishers make some terrible assumptions about what men and women like to read (or ought to read). In an attempt to capitalise on the dwindling 'mass market' they have carved the reading population up by demographic and crudely assumed that each 'segment' is a homogenous group with similar tastes.
18 months ago, I walked out on my publisher, HarperCollins, because I was sick of seeing my novels getting packaged as frivolous, girly 'chick lit'. This week, eminent British children's author Jacqueline Wilson spoke out about the pink covers assigned to her books, which 'pigeonholed' girls and put off boys. And now, young adult author Maureen Johnson has come up with the #CoverFlip challenge in which she encouraged her 78,000 followers to take a well-known book, then imagine what that cover might look like if the author's gender were flipped.
Harry Potter’s been given a graphic novel-style make over. The new book covers for JK Rowling’s series, which are coming
By now you may have heard about publisher Faber's new book cover for The Bell Jar, and the fact a lot of people aren't exactly
Suzanne Dean designed the cover for the Man Booker prize winner 'The Sense of an Ending' by Julian Barnes. She talks about
For the last few weeks I've been on a thriller chase, so to speak, so this week's book, The Uncoupling by New Yorker Meg Wolitzer, is a welcome break, kind of like a soy frap = fluffy, light, and curious.