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There have been many contenders for the Millennium Series crown, and a hell of a lot of scrabbling within the industry for the next bestselling thriller with characters as memorable as Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.
Whether traveling to work to pay off your debts, traveling to Uni to incur them, or sitting at home watching repeats of Location, Location, Location and risking repossession or being kicked out by your landlord because you have lost your job in the recession, this is the book to download or pick up.
It's an unusual experience to read a book written by someone that one actually knows - there is an undercurrent of determination to enjoy it in appreciation of their hard work. Luckily I am unable to be anything but honest (often brutally so) so this review is entirely unbiased!
The comprehensive guide to what MPs (and political enthusiasts) should be taking on holiday with them this summer.
For all Italians who live abroad or are acquainted with foreign people a day comes when a non-Italian asks them an uncomfortable question: "Why are you Italians the way you are?"