Life is full of moments which were always considered 'dead time': the walk to the station or the doctor's waiting room. This dead time may have felt irritating, but it created space in our lives for meditative thinking. The next time life creates an opportunity for dead time, seize it with both hands. Leave your phone in your pocket, the radio off, and allow your idle mind to wander, to experiment and to be brilliant.
Some airports offer a particularly dire experience during operational travelling times, but when flights get grounded, some
In early 2012, the coalition will decide on whether Citizenship Education will be made non-statutory within the national curriculum. For those who don't know, Citizenship was designed to counter political apathy among young people and engage those at GCSE level on political systems and more importantly, how young people play their part in a modern day democracy.
I finally got round to watching the last installment of Harry Potter at the weekend; a beautiful mix of new age CGI wizardry
The wizardry of the hash tag/Twitter combo is now everywhere, uniting opinion on many fronts from party politics to #whitegirlproblems, whatever they may be. In terms of the internet democratising us, I feel this social network has by far come the closest to achieving that aim.