The realization of how dreary it actually is hits me as I step off the train at the Canary Wharf station. Hordes of people pile out of the train at that one stop, as if guided by a singular force or command. Still no smile!
Distraction from our own inner processes is one way in which online technology can be seen to be inimical to creativity. For the sake of creativity perhaps we need to slow down and stay off-line from time to time.
Boredom, like most emotions which I study, has a purpose and despite widely held views about its negative connotations, research recently conducted has suggested that boredom can have positive outcomes, including increased creativity.
Curiosity exposes you to novelty, and curious people live longer and healthier lives, research shows. And one way of stimulating curiosity is to vacation with a purpose.
The new baby is now six months and I have a confession to make. I find it a little boring. I love him and he's cute and I am happy to get up at 3am and rub Bonjela on his gums but my life is on hold at the moment.
You may notice there's a Twitter feed on my profile page. You'll also notice that it's empty. That's because I took the momentous decision to close my account. I've left the party, I'm Indiana Jones, machete in hand, cutting the ropes and severing the bridge. Why? Am I insane?
What a summer! One unpleasant piece of news after the other. In an attempt to lift my mood and restore my faith in humanity
For the last three days I have been tuned to radio and television reports of the riots across London, which ignited in Tottenham on Saturday night and have been spreading in copycat outbreaks ever since.