Boris Johnson

Ken Livingstone reacted angrily when challenged over his campaign adverts labelling Boris Johnson a pickpocket for the London
If someone was to ask you what it means to be British how would you answer; self-deprecating humour? Tea? Two obese drunk
The Labour Party launched the 'Borrisstoppers' advert in the Evening Standard on Tuesday evening, designed to highlight Boris
David Cameron today hailed the London 2012 legacy as ministers gathered at the Olympic Park 200 days before the Games' opening
It would seem to me, that if one could say that an endemic culture of utter disregard for fairness exists within the highest echelons of Topshop, and that women at home and abroad are disproportionately harmed by this endemic disregard, then women who care should vote with their purses and boycott Topshop with immediate effect.
Boris Johnson is the darling of the Tory grassroots. From the pulpit of his Telegraph column he has hurled bread to his Tory
London Mayor Boris Johnson has objected to key aspects of Government welfare reforms - warning they could push disabled people
Have Apple been in the development lab again, coming up with a time travel device (which we’re currently calling the iDeLorean
I wanted to start with something that would give readers plenty to agree or disagree with, or even to complain about, so a traditional stab at future gazing seems an appropriate way to begin (the BBC's pundits have their go here).
Arguably the most high-profile election of 2012 will be the London Mayoral vote. Will it be a captivating clash of the titans