Boris Johnson

At a recent meeting with Mayor Johnson I was encouraged as I saw for the very first time in his Mayoralty a man consumed by the seriousness of the issue- giving his undivided attention.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- London Mayor Boris Johnson has paid a chaotic visit to riot-hit Peckham to show his support for the
Last week’s riots have made the case for police reform “more urgent than ever”, Theresa May said in a speech on Tuesday. May
Is government to blame, were the police too lax, was it gang culture or poor parenting that made so many young people go out and loot? I am sure these questions will be asked for a week or two, until the next media feeding frenzy comes along or until we settle upon an explanation that will mollify the great British public.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- London Mayor Boris Johnson says that he is "obsessed" with getting more police officers on the street
Home secretary Theresa May has outlined the government's new tough approach to disorder, saying that under-18s guilty of
It wasn't so much Nero that was the problem this week - although the Police could certainly be accused of fiddling while 'Rome' burned.
A ComRes poll for The Independent reveals that 71 per cent of the public now oppose David Cameron’s plan to cut police number
David Cameron blames the family for the riots. In this, he is at one with most politicians and pundits are blaming the family for the riots. Not the Royal family, of course. Not their families, you understand. Their children don't riot or steal or behave badly. But our families.
With the London riots many have started to wonder whether or not Boris Johnson's bubble has burst.