Boris Johnson

It appears that no one is safe from criticism from London Mayor Boris Johnson, whether it is Liverpudlians, David Cameron
For me, it's clear. It doesn't matter how rich you are, the consequences of not being in Europe can be a devastating blow. Just ask Manchester City.
Prime Minister David Cameron faces increasing pressure after two top Tory politicians called for a referendum on Britain's
Mayor of London Boris Johnson teamed up with pop star and ‘television personality’ Peter Andre to launch a new literacy and
What's better than pictures of Boris Johnson? Pictures of Boris Johnson with pop-star Peter Andre. The two joined forces
Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has announced he will reverse Boris Johnson’s 2012 increase in travel fares if he is elected
Jeremy Clarkson, the controversial Top Gear presenter, is single handidly propping up Britain's manufacturing industry, London
Jeremy Clarkson might have received more than 20,000 complaints when he joked public sector strikers should be "shot in front
London mayor Boris Johnson had to compete with noisy demonstrators on Friday as he announced lower-than-planned public transport
Memories of the past are often forgotten quite easily though and as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson's Apprenticeship Ambassador I hanker for the days when the tagline an apprentice was not solely synonymous with a TV programme or seen as a second tier route for those not able to make it through the 'normal' academic route.