Boris Johnson

What do you get when you mix over 1,000 feminists with London mayoral candidates? Two men fighting for the limelight, and
In a targeted approach, the onus would be on the school to identify under-performing children and work closely together with them, their parents and companies, to find suitable practical training. Let's ensure every child benefits and those at the bottom of the rung aren't overlooked.
Olympic organisers have said they aim to have 100% of people travelling on public transport, walking or cycling rather than driving - an ambitious figure far above the aims or even the desire of any past Olympic host city.
Statistics for women cyclists in London are not good. In 2009 it was found that 10 out of 13 cyclists killed on the road were female. Considering that three times the amount of men on two wheels are hitting the roads than women, that's a daunting statistic.
Boris Johnson has launched a withering attack on Liam Byrne after the shadow cabinet minister accused him of being a "part
I was late for the Asian awards. I was supposed to arrive at the great room at the Grosvenor House Hotel by 6pm. at 5.55pm
Fans of Ikea can take their love of flat-pack furniture to the next level by living in Strand East, an entire London neighbourhood
Boris Johnson has gaffed again, telling reporters on Tuesday that George Osborne's strategy to deal with the eurozone crisis
It would appear we are not the only ones concerned about future disorder on the streets of Britain. ComRes released figures this week from a poll of MPs taken last month. The poll of some 151 MPs found over half of them believe that the events of August will not be unique in this parliament - a worrying statistic.
If I had gone to college to take my 'A' Levels I wouldn't have these opportunities and I would be looking to get a loan to go to uni or find a job. As it is I already have a permanent job, have been earning rather than getting into debt and I know that if I continue to apply myself I will progress further at London Underground.