Boris Johnson

As the rioting continues for a fourth night, a YouGov survey has found that there is widespread support among for a range of tactics to be made available to the police.
The Mayor of London has described the rioting which has swept England over the past five days as "a massive own goal" for
Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg were both heckled on Tuesday as they visited riot-hit areas in London and Birmingham. London
The UK is enduring its fourth night of rioting with pockets of unrest reported in the Midlands and Manchester. For the first
It is far too soon to say what the political consequences of the terrible events of the last few days will be - but all we
Over 450 people have been arrested and 44 police officers injured after London suffered its third night of riots, looting
London Mayor Boris Johnson is likely to come under increasing pressure to return home from his holiday after calling the
Police have launched a major investigation in response to Saturday night’s riots in London which left 26 officers injured
After riots shook Tottenham last night, questions are being asked about the police behaviour and the root cause of the violence
Of late Sally Bercow has been attempting a backwards Lembit Opik: whilst the path from politician to media personality is a well-trodden one, it seems harder to perform the reverse.