Boris Johnson

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Boris Johnson would have been attempting to pervert the course of justice if he knew police were actively
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The year long final countdown to the start of the London 2012 Olympics has begun. International Olympic
Boris Johnson is having a busy day, calling on George Osborne to cut taxes and leading an array of Olympic themed events
Boris Johnson has failed to back the prime minister over the phone hacking scandal, saying that questions over David Cameron's
In looking at the 2012 Olympic legacy, all of those making the decisions seemed unable to see the wood for the trees. We need not give in to the thrall of the Premier League and of football and all its glories.
Home Secretary Theresa May has said that she is "sincerely sorry" that Sir Paul Stephenson has resigned as commissioner of
The hacking scandal might be dominating the news agenda at the moment, but that should not mask the fact that the force's day to day concerns go far further than the activities of News International and the other members of the press.
London Mayor Boris Johnson has asked the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, to explain why former
Steps urgently need to be taken by Transport for London: a rapid increase in the supply of docking stations, an efficient recycling of bikes around the system, the extension of the scheme into zone 2 and, above all, the ability to pay with your oyster card.
The toughest and most significant electoral battle of David Cameron's first term will happen next May, when Londoners go to the polls to elect a Mayor. Those outside the capital may bristle at the importance placed on these elections, seeing them as symptom of the media's obsession with the M25 beltway, but the election of a politician with the third largest personal mandate in Europe is not to be treated lightly.