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I've tried to be strong and confident but sometimes as a woman, it really hurts when you are trying to move forward and there are so many barriers to overcome to achieve basic human rights such as a safe place to live in which to rebuild your life. Even months later the struggle continues and I'm still in temporary accommodation and battling ill-health. It's no wonder women with no-one to turn to go back.
Particularly within Muslim South Asian communities, mental illness is dismissed because supposedly all prayers can cure sadness. Depression is regarded as a lack of faith. The low energy and motivation to do anything, the distancing from the things you love, become seen as signs of weak faith.
There are a number of reasons why I'm addicted to Instagram, but a big part of why I love it is because it provides a platform and visibility for women of colour in a way that magazines and adverts in the Western world have never done.
The monolithic representation of black men in the media as criminals creates a hysterical fear among white people when witnessing black men in even the most benign of situations and is in part responsible for Stormzy's house being raided in February this year by police because of reports he was a burglar.
‚ÄčEditor Kerry-Anne Mendoza was booed on BBCQT for highlighting the lack of diversity in the media industry. Now let's get
life less ordinary banner It was the day I learnt that the feeling of a farewell cloaked in the shadow of death was worst than the finality of a loved one's funeral. The pain in my body in that moment far surpassed what I'd felt just nine months prior at my father's funeral. So I did not, could not, say bye when we drove away.
The state has written off the chances of black men achieving life success to the best of their potential and the unfairness is deafening; the government has set up a Social Mobility Commission to address the lack of transition in schools, jobs and society for people from poor backgrounds, but has done little to nothing for black boys, even though a quarter of black people are from deprived backgrounds.
Throughout my life I have been reminded of my skin colour, this is not to say that it has always been negative; but from
When patients receive blood transfusions, they need blood closely matched to their own. This is most likely to come from a donor of the same ethnicity. And with sickle cell affecting predominantly those of African and Caribbean decent, it means they need blood from black donors.
Was I good enough to have access? Was I good enough to represent them fairly? I failed along the way, like I said, it wasn't easy. The evidence I would bring to the assessments was too 'Sharan' (why did you raise your eyebrow at the hearing person's comment? That's not impartial).