Borough Market

A coroner has concluded that all eight victims were unlawfully killed.
An inquest has opened into the London Bridge attack that left eight people dead and many more injured. The three attackers drove into pedestrians on the bridge before launching knife attacks in nearby Borough Market.
The eight-week inquiry into the deaths of eight people begins at the Old Bailey.
Cheese-lovers, prepare to explode with envy. Ned Palmer is a freelance cheesemonger who gets to consume a shed load of cheese and wine for a living.
Jack Applebee was smoking a cigarette outside his fish restaurant in Borough Market when a woman ran towards him, shouting: “It’s a terror attack, run!”
Bar and restaurant owners reflect on how Borough Market has changed since the attack and what countermeasures have been implemented.
In the aftermath of these and other attacks, it was impossible not be struck by the spirit with which people came together to support each other
If the emotional response inspired nationwide by Blue Planet II tells us anything, it’s that the battle for hearts and minds
The Market isn't just a place of commerce; it is a real community
diversify The messages from Diversify are indeed themselves diverse. When we glumly read that Trump is heading for a safe bet second term, when we despair of the ever unravelling havoc that Brexit will wreak over us, we desperately need a new vision and way of conducting our affairs and so the timing for a refreshed advocacy of the benefits of integration could not be more timely.
In a modern, fast-moving city like London, it's easy to assume that things today are more convenient than ever before, that our lives are blessed with almost infinite choices. But that's not always the case
London’s food Mecca, Borough Market, is moving to eliminate plastic bottle usage over the next six months, by introducing free water fountains.
London’s food Mecca, Borough Market, is moving to eliminate plastic bottle usage over the next six months, by introducing
A spokesperson from the Met Police said: “Police were called at 13:38hrs on Thursday, 10 August to reports of an unidentified
There aren't many places in London that have seen so much change as Borough Market. Nestled below the railways bridges, at
On Wednesday morning, something resembling normality returned to Borough Market. While our thoughts remain fixed on those killed, injured or struggling to come to terms with this horrific experience, and we will continue to offer as much support as we can to anyone who needs it, we are now starting to push past the horror and look to the future.