borrowing money

New registration plates came out last month and I have already seen a fair few 16 plates tearing around the Oxfordshire countryside. However, I am not convinced that driving a brand new shiny car off the forecourt is really the best option for the savvy buyer and there are actually lots of bargains to be had buying a car second hand but it can be daunting as you are dealing with a lot of money and you have to trust the person you are buying it from.
As revolutions go, it's hardly been a box office smash. No barricades were manned, no parliaments stormed, no toppled despots
Most readers will be familiar with the practice of British companies domiciling themselves in Ireland to gain from efficient
Five years ago today, high street bank Northern Rock confirmed the media reports that it would have to seek emergency funding
There's a thrusting new brand on the market. In a week when the government announced plans to scrap housing benefits for under-25s, the Prime Minister enthused about Hotel of Mum and Dad.
Pocket money is a great way of introducing children to learn financial literacy from an early age. Giving children the opportunity to earn more money through additional chores will help children begin to understand the financial benefits that come from hard work. Furthermore, it is imperative that we also teach our children about their role as a consumer.