"Be patient with your workers, no matter what." #HowWeWorkNow
Boundaries are a key part of any healthy relationship, and that’s especially true in the workplace.
I wanted to write this because I want to encourage people to get symptoms checked out as early as possible. Many cancers are curable if they are detected early. Be your own advocate; keep pushing for answers until you have them.
Under the current legislation you don't have to tell your boss if you have cancer. The worry for many people is what it means for their career - will they be written off, never again seen as an effective, 'can-do' employee?
The hardest things teach us the most, right and nothing feels harder than the mess that is sleep deprivation meets the hormonal mash-up and loss of life as you know it, to truly discover where you want to be in life.
Recently when I met someone new, they did not like me. The reason for this was that I was 'bossy'. Just to clarify, I was in charge at work and told them to go and have a break, hardly tyrannical. However, this really upset me and has played on my mind- am I a bossy girl?
Stop everything, because this employee's resignation letter is going to make your day. In what is probably the most honest
I went away with a group of old university friends this weekend and I was reminded yet again of my uni nick name - The Boss. I hated it.
Ever hated your boss? Plenty of us have. In fact I only lasted six months in employment before I worked out that being told
Almost every one of us has had a boss that had no concern for our work-life balance, took great glee in blaming us for their