Boston Red Sox

Change of heart follows a weekend of golf and after two Yankees players knelt during the national anthem at a stadium in Washington.
In a new series of posts covering Major League Baseball, we'll look at the best bits of the past week's action from across the pond. Here's some of what's happened in MLB over the past seven days...
Buster Posey hit a tie-breaking homer as the San Francisco Giants completed a remarkable comeback victory over the Arizona
With the start of the Winter Olympics and in the midst of a cold winter, what better way to keep warm than to think about the imminent start of baseball in the U.S.? With the Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers and catchers reporting to camp yesterday, the new season is nearly upon us.
In the event that Rodriguez is ordered to serve his ban, despite Cashman's assurance of his pivotal role in the organisation, it's hard to imagine the Yankees losing much sleep over it.
Stan Grossfeld, a two-time Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer from the Boston Globe, captured an iconic moment when Boston
The Boss is top of the live pops - he has just been voted No.1 among the 50 best acts currently performing. This accolade
David "Big Papi" Ortiz will not be suspended after he smashed up a phone after striking out against the Baltimore Orioles
Sports reporter Kelly Nash narrowly avoids being hit in the head by a flying baseball. The Sun Sports journalist was taking
The notion that Liverpool were to become the beacon of sabermetrics in the football world has been all but extinguished. The chief dampener came in the form of several high-profile signings by the club which have flown in the face of the system's principles, such as Andy Carroll.