The last couple of weeks in global politics proves that the average woman still has to fight for her right to be heard. Hundreds
I normally switch it up depending on whom I'm talking to and how posh I want to sound (naughty I know). But they all equate to the same thing- the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea!
The trend of opening a store with limited edition items for a short period of time, closing, (popping down) before moving to another location, has worked wonders for many niche brands. Consumers rush to purchase items knowing they only have from a weekend, to a few weeks, before the store closes for good.
I love a new handbag. It can be brand new or just new to me, in fact I rather love an old bag too. Nothing excites my senses more than the whiff of leather, soft as a baby's bum and equally as biteable....
If you know anything about me then you will know that I am obsessed with labels and designers who aren't afraid to put themselves out and like to cross boundaries; the designers who value the people that wear the clothes.
Early on in my Twitter career I made a relatively large cock up. Big for me anyway, as although I swear like a truck driver I would never intentionally want to upset someone.
As an E cup myself I am well aware of the problems in finding fashionable clothes that fit both your boobs and your waist and don't look like a tent from the side so I was overjoyed to hear about the project.
Other boutiques in the village are more affordable, stocking scarfs, bags and jewellery. Each is perfect for unusual gifts or unique finds as many brands tucked away on the shelves, are not available on the high street.