Boy George

Helena Bonham Carter took more than a little style inspiration from Boy George while attending a Save The Children charity
Boy George appeared to have suffered with hair loss for many years after reviewing many pictures of him and more than likely the reason behind why he worn so many hats and made those big flamboyant hats part of his image in my opinion.
One Direction silenced their critics - including one Mr Boy George - as they performed their latest single, 'Story Of My
So if American accents historically sell better, why does Boy George's singing style sound so passé? One word: Adele. Oasis, Coldplay and the Arctic Monkeys may have paved the way, but in terms of commercial and critical success, Adele is a genuine game changer when it comes to British-sounding vocals.
One of the highlights of the festival is This Way Out - an art and photography collaboration by Boy George and pop painter TradeMark - which had its world premiere on Wednesday in Liverpool at the Camp and Furnace arts venue.
It’s a very different Boy George speaking these days – long gone are the epoch-defining beads, since followed by the weight
In the era when AIDS was becoming more prominent and education about LGBTQ issues was needed more than ever, Thatcher's government decided that gays were not full citizens worthy of respect and that they were too much of a threat to be allowed equal rights. Thatcher thus became not only the 'milk snatcher', but also the 'gay dispatcher'.
Is that a new celebrity feud we can smell? Why yes, we think it is! In the red corner is Boy George who branded Liam Payne
Boy George is NOT happy with a certain member of One Direction - that'll be you Mr. Liam Payne. The 80s star has blasted
When we first clapped eyes on these pics of Boy George we thought they were old snaps of the singer taken back in his 80s