Shwan Zulal This article first appeared on Niqash The battle for Iraq's oil goes on. Iraqi Kurdistan is intent on controlling
BP should have done more to prevent the Gulf of Mexico oil spill two years ago but the company's complacency was not unique in the industry, former CEO Tony Hayward said this week in his most public comments yet about the disaster.
Human rights and environmental pressure groups have joined forces today in a campaign against three sponsors of the London
BP's top bosses contended with screaming environmental protesters, a backlash on executive pay and more anger over the company's
Early morning on 11 April an article appeared on what at first glance looked like the official website of the London Organising Committee of the Olympics and Paralymic Games (LOCOG) that broke the news they were ditching BP as their Sustainability Partner.
Our cousins across the pond were horrified and, rightly so, at the damage wrought by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But what about the misconduct of the U.S oil company, Chevron, in Ecuador?
The boss of BP was awarded a bonus worth more than half a million pounds for 2011 today despite a turbulent year which saw
BP is to outlay £4.9 billion on thousands of people hit by by the oil giant's Gulf of Mexico disaster. The company said it
The price of petrol has reached a record high, meaning more misery for hard-pressed motorists. The average cost of a litre
BP is close to concluding a multi-billion dollar settlement over the impact of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. A trial
Moves by Iran to stop sending oil to the UK and France have pushed the price of crude to a nine month high, meaning more
BP signalled a further step in its recovery today by hiking its payout for shareholders for the first time since the Gulf
Nearly every big company feels that employees must have a grade, that their position must be defined by a number and a title. So in investment banking a new bachelor's degree enters as an analyst, gets promoted (or not) to associate, then vice president, managing director, etc. We have grading systems for scientific and engineering personnel, for managers, for secretaries. Of course, tied to grade is (presumably) accountability and (almost certainly) reward.
Oil giant BP has fired the latest shots in a legal battle over the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, claiming contractor Halliburton
The North Sea could still contain more than £1 trillion-worth of oil and gas, energy minister Fergus Ewing has said. Mr Ewing
An operation is under way to tackle a leak from an effluent pipeline into the Firth of Forth. The pipe carries waste water
BP's pledge to sell off billions of dollars of assets to cover compensation for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster has been
BP have unveiled $5.14bn profits in the third quarter of 2011, up $3.56bn from the same period last year, in what their CEO
A consortium including oil giants BP and Shell is to invest £10 billion in North Sea oil projects, after the UK government
Oil company BP has outlined its contingency plans as it prepares to start drilling off the coast of Shetland. The firm had