Some women may abandon breastfeeding because they have been given insufficient support - and if so that certainly needs to change. But many other women may choose to stop or reduce breastfeeds because of the physical burden,
The energy spent discussing abortion time limits detracts time and attention from genuine problems in women's reproductive healthcare. Were the MP for mid-Bedfordshire really as 'pro-woman' as she claims, here are some of the themes she could be tackling which affect women across the spectrum of reproductive needs. For example, some 40% of women using BPAS' contraceptive counselling service following an unplanned pregnancy report problems accessing contraception.
Bpas, Britain's biggest abortion provider, has launched its first-ever nationwide pro-choice campaign in direct response
Recent comments and campaigns by politicians opposed to abortion often imply that women do not know what they are doing when they request abortion and need protecting from themselves, or that what they are doing is morally wrong - and that their pregnancies need protecting from the women themselves.
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) carries out the majority of later abortions in this country. Our staff would have been more than happy to explain to the women's minister just what kind of impact restricting access to abortions after 20 weeks would have on the small numbers of women who need them.
As a BPAS employee, Cath Sutton's first priority will inevitably be to deflect attention from what they're doing by, in my opinion, lying about what we do. The photosAbort67 uses, however, are accurate depictions of the results of what BPAS does to babies. Sutton and BPAS are frankly lying when they accuse us of shouting at or insulting women. We've never called anyone a murderer, we just let the photos speak for themselves. The photos are real, and raise the question: if what goes on in an abortion facility is so horrific that it has to be hidden at any cost, why do we tolerate it?
Abort67 is an anti-abortion group - a collection of like-minded individuals who see fit to gather outside BPAS clinics and inflict their views on the women trying to access our services. They wave banners with explicit pictures of foetuses and shout at the women as they enter... Abort67 should absolutely enjoy their freedom to voice their views - but not at the expense of the freedom of those who are trying to access care. And it's the freedoms of the latter that are being eroded.
A pro-life campaign rolled out in Dublin promoting the idea that abortion "tears lives apart" has attracted strong criticism
Being an abortion provider is "rewarding" and women should only keep pregnancies if they want them, a doctor from the UK's
I work for BPAS, the UK's largest abortion provider, talking to women about and performing abortions up to the legal limit every day. Someone has written that a woman wants an abortion like an animal stuck in a trap wants to chew its leg off. While the imagery is melodramatic, it conveys the panic and stress an unplanned pregnancy can impose. It also communicates something of the relief experienced by women after their abortion; this is one of the things that make being an abortion provider so very rewarding.