From snagged tights and smudged nail polish to snoring partners and saggy jeans – a woman’s life is full of those everyday
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I was brought up by a woman who told me that all you needed was a bit of mascara. I later came to realise that anyone who grows up with a hot/low maintenance mother is ill-equipped for life as a female. Especially if, intermittently, throughout my non-airbrushed existence, your skin is having a post-punk rock revolution all of its own...
We’re sure all women would agree, life would be much easier without so many annoying little niggles. From painful high heels
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She's standing there, young, beautiful... just ask her. There's nothing wrong in asking, this is the place people come for such things. So, why are you nervous? You take a deep breath, she looks up and smiles, which should make it easier, but you croak a little as you say "I was just wondering if ... bra measuring?".
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It looks like Microsoft's stress-detecting bra won't win the most ridiculous bra award after all. A company called Ravijour
Man, what a rollercoaster. You've known me since I was a kid, desperate to fill out a cup, any cup. ('Does an AAAA exist?') You were there, in your soft, first bra material, noble and strong, even when I was forcing tissue paper into your lungs, believing you weren't enough.
When news hit that a bra which could tackle overeating was in development, there were conflicted feelings. Grub Street wrote
As soon as you push play, you can see where this video is going - a woman stares seductively at the camera, hair blowing
From campaigns such as No More Page 3 and Lose The Lads Mags to breast-feeding in public and FEMEN, breasts have long been
A group of Indian students have invented a bra which is capable of delivering a 3800kv electric shock to a would-be rapist