Brad Pitt World War Z

Being Brad Pitt's body double sounds like a pretty cool job, but it turns out the pay isn't all that great... A Scot who
Brad Pitt can breathe a sigh of relief. His much-vamped, equally-derided zombie apocalypse blockbuster 'World War Z' has
Brad Pitt was in New York this week for the premiere of his new zombie movie 'World War Z'. But before he left the Big Apple
Brad Pitt has been speaking out about his highly-anticipated zombie blockbuster, 'World War Z'. The lead actor and producer
It feels like Brad Pitt has been filming 'World War Z' for ever, but the film is finally on its way. The first trailer for
The thrilling and unnerving trailer for Brad Pitt's latest blockbuster 'World War Z' has been released and its music alone
Back in the seventies and eighties, zombie flicks were disreputable trash, little better than pornography. Nihilistic gore-fests shelved at the back of the VHS rental store alongside other 'special interest' titles. Hiring Zombie Flesh Eaters was a furtive and shameful act. These days, zombies have gone mainstream. What the hell happened?