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Chelsea Manning is doing well as she goes through processing at the military prison and is pursuing her quest for hormone
UPDATE: WikiLeaks have called Bradley Manning's sentence a "significant strategic victory", adding that he will be "elegible
WikiLeaks are advocating their secrecy as a source of pride, as a discharge of their responsibilities, but in this case it was not enough. In this instance, the need for secrecy left Manning adrift at the very point when he needed firm guidance. 'Nathaniel', it seems, was not concerned enough in protecting Manning once they had got the secrets from him.
Bradley Manning, who leaked thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, has been convicted on 20 charges, including espionage
The judge in the Bradley Manning Wikileaks case has refused to dismiss a charge of 'aiding the enemy' sparking fears it could
The US soldier charged with passing classified material to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks offered guilty pleas to 10 of
Events will be held across the world on Saturday, including the UK, to mark the 1,000th day spent in prison by the United
Bradley Manning, the alleged source of the high-level security breach to whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, has offered to
A group of 40 campaigners gathered outside the American embassy in London on Saturday to protest against the incarceration
The pre-trial hearing of US soldier Bradley Manning has began at Fort Meade in Maryland. Manning was arrested in May 2010