brain injury

I can still remember the time I realised the nurses weren’t speaking a different language, I just couldn’t understand or process the words people were saying
The best I could hope for "under the circumstances, they said. The hospital has cancelled my appointment to see a neurosurgeon
So yesterday I was dismayed, like almost every other day since the U.S Presidential Election, by yet another story of Donald Trump disrespecting someone and acting like a high school bully via that least appropriate of presidential platforms, Twitter.
A while ago I read an article about parents wearing PJs when they do the school drop-off. Well, PJ fans look no further we have the perfect ploy for your pyjama acceptance - while helping to raise money for children with brain injury.
A man has made “remarkable” progress waking up from a coma after scientists used ultrasound to jump-start his brain. The
Four days, one brain scan and battery of tests later at the hospital in which I work, I had been diagnosed with an embolic stroke. I am 34, regularly keep fit, recently married, a junior doctor and have no risk factors. This wasn't meant to happen to me.
There are over one million people living with brain injuries in the UK.
New smart technology has been developed to help over one million people living with brain injuries in the UK. A research