brand management

In this day and age, everything is a 'brand' it seems. People are brands. And (obvs) brands are brands. Increasingly, however, countries are brands too.
Rather than obfuscate the truth and not accept responsibility, these are the things the team should be doing.
The company will have to embark on some serious brand rehab.
If your brand does not know how to engage in the matter online properly, rather stay mum. This will do less reputational damage.
'Lifestyle' inspiration is becoming increasingly important and sought after - and whilst Instagram envy has a lot to answer
What were you supposed to be doing when you started reading this column? Chances are, you had a to-do list and this wasn't on it...
Yet in a world where 140 characters is, for many, the standard form of communication, it seems more important than ever that there are opportunities to stop, learn and reflect on the wider issues that affect business or society.
Thanks to Social Media, voice of customers are just begun to be heard - but not by brands but by other Social Media users (to leave brands with no choice other than genuinely get involved). Now it's the time to wait and see how Carphone Warehouse and HTC are going to resolve this issue.
Agencies often encourage brands to advertise in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for fans and followers recruitment; but what usually remains unanswered is how to maintain and engage with the recruited users.
Social media is fundamentally about relationships. I mean it's about being social, right? But like all relationships, be it family, personal or work, there are those that are good, bad and just plain useless. The same applies to social media, especially between bloggers and PRs.