'For brand activation to work effectively, it must be part of a larger marketing strategy with efficient planning.'
Remember, your image is what the audience is in contact with first.
The change is meant to enhance time spent on the platform by encouraging meaningful interaction.
The retailer has made a couple of faux pas over the past couple of years, but their last one broke the camel’s back.
This month's unveiling of the iPhone X, and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will push the smartphone's popularity even further with worldwide sales of the smartphone reaching nearly 1.2 billion with no signs of demand slowing.
Having been born and raised in Wales, for me it's obvious that Wales is a beautiful, vibrant and culturally rich country. I'm fortunate enough to be able to say I'm Welsh and call Wales home.
People do not tend to take township businesses seriously and generally see them as responses to circumstance and necessity.
The restaurant chain just didn’t have anything in its brand arsenal to counter the brutal, racist event between two customers and their families that went viral instantly..
Never before in history have African students had so much access to global learning opportunities that allow for unprecedented learning and networking.
Fads come and go, providing momentary glory, while being cool can be a sustainable part of a successful business strategy.