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Every host nation throughout history has faced a tabloid debate over whether the infrastructure is in place, whether work will be completed in time or quite simply whether the country is good enough, but none, it seems has faced a media storm quite like Brazil.
As Uruguay, Brazil, and finally Argentina crashed out of the World Cup, violence flared on the streets of the South American
If Rafael Braga Vieira watches tonight's games, it'll be from his prison cell. When the Olympics come to the city in a couple of years, he might be allowed to watch the events in his cell too. And the World Cup after that.
Brazil has spent more than five times the amount on security as the last World Cup in South Africa. Those Robo-Cop outfits
The harsh realities in Brazil are driving tens of thousands of people to the streets in protest against the competition and the resulting elevated public spending. There are calls for a general strike amid outrage that only 10% of the public transport projects which were promised to be the legacy of the 2014 World Cup, have been completed.
Resplendent in tribal headgear and body point, with bows and arrows held aloft, aiming their weapons at Brasilia's riot police
With just 26 days to go before the Brazil World Cup kicks off, these dramatic photos reveal the extent of the violent protests
Millions of people in Brazil are expected to greet Pope Francis at his first overseas trip as pontiff - but those hoping
The Brazilian scenario is quite simple: the state is inefficient. Through a combination of corruption and mismanagement, the quality of public services is horrible and goes against the supposed 'growth' of the country. While the government prepares the Truman Show for the World Cup, Brazilians needs to pay around 1,000 dollars per month for good education.
Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, will hold and an emergency meeting with her cabinet on Friday over the on-going